Tantra Fit Presents
FREE Video Training For Men
The Tantric Shiver
The Perfect Pre-Sex Supercharge
The Tantric Shiver is a simple and fast exercise for men looking for a legit way to boost performance “in bed” before the evening even begins.

This Free 3-Minute Exercise Video Will Show You How To:
  • Boost your sexual energy with one simple physical movement. It's simple - and it has a huge effect!
  • Use the “Tantric Shiver” to activate your metabolism and cleanse your system of stress hormones. You don't need those where you're going.
  • Prepare your body for high stamina for late night "activities"
About Your Host:
Gabriel Isadora Valdez
Gabe has worked one-on-one with others as well is in the corporate gym setting. His goal is to help empower and inspire others from the inside out. “You can show someone a movement, but if you don’t make them learn for themselves and give them life lessons to protect themselves, then it doesn’t really matter.”

From physical movements to life lessons, Gabe delivers a unique and profound experience to all those he works with.
About Your Host:
Gabriel Isadora 
Gabriel Isadora is an inspired and revolutionary leader in the sexual empowerment and tantra movement. Influenced deeply by his mother, late Psalm Isadora™ who originally pioneered and led the movement on sexual empowerment and tantra. 

Gabriel aims to spark the electricity of life in others just as it was electrified in himself through the teachings passed down for years from his greatest tantra teacher, Psalm Isadora™ herself.
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